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Answer is a diversion

Like with Internet Explorer and Safari, there are questions that pop up at various times during a day. Like while you are sleeping and you wake up suddenly to find yourself thinking, “Why did that question arise in my mind?” Strange... isn't it? But why do these questions arise in our grey matter? Is it a sign of super-intellectuality or negligence? Or is it a diversion from what we are doing for our subconscious mind? Or do they feed our egos to make ourselves feel important? All this is just to run away from truth. Question is a diversion. It always helps one to run away from the reality. For example-

Tim: What are you doing Zum?
Zum: Nothing, I am just sitting and meditating.
Tim: What is that?
Zum: Why don’t you try it and learn about it?
Tim: But how can I do that? I don’t want to take risk. What will happen if I do it?
Zum: Noting much. You will feel relaxed and... Oh come on, stop wasting time. I can’t explain it. You just have to experience it.
Tim: Experience! I have a lot of experience. Do you know how to make flutes out of a bamboo stick?
Zum: No, Tim… I don’t. And I don’t want to know either. Why don’t you sit here with me and practise meditation
Tim: I can’t till you tell me what it is!

Questions are good. It shows that you are still a kid and ready to learn. But when a question pops up in your head, ask another question - Why has it come? What’s the purpose of that question? Because every question that arises in your mind comes with an answer – that’s the novelty of each question. And just with a little hard work, your question will disappear - like steam coming out of a cup of jasmine tea.


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